15790 Robin's Hill Road



This 140,000 S.F. industrial manufacturing plant located at 15790 Robin’s Hill Road, offers 28 feet clear in the warehouse. It was a job that would normally take 290 days, but the deadline was 150 days, five months from ground floor up. Dancor Construction stepped up to the plate and made it happen. The office covers two-storey’s with a spectacular curtain wall using materials to match their corporate branding. The precast has been manufactured to incorporate the Tenants colours by designing a specialized flat blue band that spans the whole building. This adds to their recognizable presence in London that has been growing since this building was completed in 2009. London Machinery Inc. has found success in our building and expanded their process from building concrete mixing units to include manufacturing garbage truck bodies. 15790 Robin’s Hill Road features fourteen drive-in doors in various sizes and two dock-level doors.