If leasing is your preferred option, make Dancor your preferred leaseholder.

When leasing makes more sense than ownership, Dancor is your best option. Not only will you have a proven partner with years of experience leasing large and small properties to a diverse portfolio of clients, you will also know that the building you will be occupying has been built to the highest standards.

As a landlord, we are committed to providing tenants with the highest level of service and to maintaining our buildings so they deliver maximum efficiency and comfort.

Our portfolio of existing Dancor-built properties is an excellent place to start your search. If nothing in our current inventory suits your needs, we can also “design/build to lease” a property that more precisely aligns with your specific requirements.

Dancor is always focused on meeting and exceeding our expectations as a tenant on all levels, regardless if it is preventative maintenance of their buildings, landscaping or snow plowing, or general facility repairs.

Eric McCluskey, Regional Vice President Central Canada, Fastenal Company